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Now, unlike Solaris, which displays ZFS acl's though ls -Z, FreeBSD uses setfacl and getfacl to set and get ACL's. Samba. Samba needs to be compiled with the expirementel modules, as well as AD. Here is my options file for net/samba35:|Proxmox LXC, ZFS, Samba Shadow_Copy2 gresi001 Uncategorized December 30, 2019 2 Minutes One of my newest projects is to switch from VMs to Containers, mainly for performance, but also for using a samba feature called shadow_copy2.19. Samba has its own layer of access control for each share. There are two basic options. read only: by default every share is read-only, regardless of filesystem permissions, writeable: in order to allow write access you should set writeable = Yes. This should be enough to solve the problem.|Now we will configure our new directory samba as a share. For this, we will have to add the following lines in the Samba configuration file. Add the following line to the bottom of the smb.conf file. [samba-share] comment = Samba on Ubuntu path = /samba read only = no browsable = yes. Where [samba-share] = name of the share|This parameter configures how Samba handles duplicate ACEs encountered in ZFS ACLs. ZFS allows/creates duplicate ACE for different bits for same ID. This parameter allows enabling or disabling the chown supported by the underlying filesystem. This parameter should be enabled with care as it might leave your system insecure.Don't run it! (read the man page) 4) The root account in Solaris does not have a separate home directory ( /root ), like it does in Linux. Make one on your first boot. Go directly to the command-prompt and edit the /etc/passwd file, then create a /root. 5) The shutdown command behaves differently, check the man page.Complete file permission transparency is the main reason for preferring SFTP over the Windows™ style Server Message Block (SMB). This, despite the fact that ZFS has been integrated with the GNU/Linux implementation, called Samba. Furthermore, SFTP handles well changing the case of filenames. This cannot be said about the latest Samba versions!I recently changed my ZFS fileserver so it shares using samba, not cifs. Samba is working fine except i cannot delete most files from my windows machines, it says that i require permission from the fileserver to delete them. I am hoping that this is just a case of changing some permissions or settings in the smb.conf file.|Ransomware-resilient Linux Samba file server. Files are kept on a Linux server and clients access them via Samba. One of the client machines gets infected with ransomware, which encrypts everything within the logged-on user's reach, including files on the server's shares. I am curious as to whether there are any solutions (apart from regular ...NFS "exports" (an equivalent of a Samba share) are permissioned differently to Samba shares. Samba shares are permissioned with users and groups, and NFS exports are permissioned by the host wanting to access them, and then usual Linux permissions are applied to the files and directories within there. As mentioned above, the example will allow ...Sharing files with Fedora 32 using Samba is cross-platform, convenient, reliable, and performant. What is 'Samba'? Samba is a high-quality implementation of Server Message Block protocol (SMB).Originally developed by Microsoft for connecting windows computers together via local-area-networks, it is now extensively used for internal network communications.Solaris10 acl and zfs samba I have share with samba a directory called /var/pubblica i set write permission correctly on smb.conf and zfs acl \chmod A+group:"domain... (0 Replies)|Ubuntu has supported ZFS as an option for some time. In 19.10, we introduced experimental support on the desktop.As explained, having a ZFS on root option on our desktop was only a first step in what we want to achieve by adopting this combined file system and logical volume manager. I strongly suggest you read the 2 blog posts, linked above, as introductions to this blog series we are starting.|Installing ZFS on Debian 10: Now, you can install the ZFS filesystem on Debian 10 with the following command: $ sudo apt install zfsutils-linux zfs-dkms zfs-zed. To confirm the installation, press Y and then press < Enter >. To accept the ZFS license, select < OK > and press < Enter >.|According to zfs list all information still exist, but not available. ... /pve /dev/fuse fuse rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,default_permissions,allow_other # df --human Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 9.7G 0 9.7G 0% /dev tmpfs 2.0G 18M 2.0G 1% /run /dev/mapper/pve-root 29G 5.4G 23G 20% / tmpfs 9.8G 63M 9.7G 1% ...|Some admins want to tune their samba setup with different options. One well known is use sendfile = yes. With aio enabled, the usage of sendfile is disabled. So you can skip such optimizations. Hint: If you use ZFS, it is not recommended to use sendfile anyway, because ZFS on Linux has not implemented sendfile() yet. Start smbd daemon |All groups and messages ... ...|There is still only permission issue, when you create ZFS arrays the Samba permissions won't allow you to access it. You would need to manually change permissions like "chmod -R 777 /mountpoint" inside the root command line. This will be fixed in the next release (0.1.5). Let me know how it fares.|* Samba will need to listen to 'localhost' ( for the zfs utilities to communicate with Samba. This is the default behavior for most Linux distributions. * Samba must be able to authenticate a user. This can be done in a number of ways, depending on if using the system password file, LDAP or the Samba specific smbpasswd file ...

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